• Гуманитарно-юридический колледж KAZGUU

    ЗНАНИЯ, полученные в колледже KAZGUU-ЗАЛОГ успеха в будущей ПРОФЕССИИ

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In 2017 on the 27th of December there were performed a New Year party for the college staff’s children. The children reeled amicably, read poems, sang songs to the Father Frost and he gifted them sweets in his turn. The Father Frost also presented New Year sets to the children in behalf of the college promoter. The children were satisfied with their gifts and with the event as well.

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On the 26th of December at the college there were a student conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Alash Orda formation, in which the first-year students took a part. The lecturer of the history of Kazakhstan Ye.Yeleusizov was the moderator of the conference. The students having reported the works spotlighted the main milestones of the Alash Orda state construction and analyzed the causes of its collapse. The participants of the conference were awarded with certificates.

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At the college,in 2017 on the 15th of December, in honor of the 26th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan there were performed a contest of eloquent reading poems of Kazakh poets. There were read the poems of M.Shakhanov, M.Makataev, A.Korazbayev. A famous actor AzamatAskar chaired the jury. All participants of the contest were awarded with the certificates on nominations and the books of well-known Kazakhstan authors.

The 2nd and 3rd year Students of the specialty “Jurisprudence”, attending the society “ Beys’ council”, under the guidance of the public stuffs’ teacher Zh.B. Kozhabekova visited the JSC “University of KazGUU”. They attended the classes organized by the similar society of the university, learned a lot of cognitive things for their work.

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